Bulletin of the Mizunami Fossil Museum

Bulletin of the Mizunami Fossil Museum No. 3

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Original Article

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New Miocene land snail from Mizunami, Gifu Pref., Japan

Tadashige Habe and Junji Itoigawa

13, pl. 1


Twelve nes Gastropods from the Miocene Mizunami group, Gifu Prefecture, Japan

Junji Itoigawa and Hiroshi Shibata

515, pls. 23


Miocene Radiolarian fossils from the Oidawara formation, Mizunami group, central Japan

Kôzô Sugano

1724, pls. 48


Miocene long-snouted porpoises from the Mizunami Group, Central Japan

Yoshihiko Okazaki

2539, pls. 911


Brachiopoda fauna of the Miocene Mizunami group, central Japan

Junji Itoigawa, Yoshitsugu Okumura, and Hiroyuki Nishimoto

4154, pls. 1215


Some Miocene fish otoliths from the Mizunami group, central Japan

Masashi Takahashi

5571, pls. 1622


Fossil otoliths of Sciaenid fishes from the Tertiary and Quaternary formations, Tokai district, central Japan and their paleontological vicissitudes

Fumio Ohe

7397, pls. 2324


Paleoenvironmental study of the Saho and the Saidaiji Formations from a view point of palynology

Kazumi Matsuoka

99117, pls. 2530


Astriclypeus and Echinodiscus in Japan

Akira Morishita

119125, pls. 3132


A few problems on the Miocene Setouchi Series in the northern part of Okayama-Hiroshima Prefectures, southwest Japan

Junji Itoigawa and Isao Nishikawa

127149, pls. 3335


Early Miocene Cyprinid Fishes collected from the Ito-o Formation, Niu Mountainland, Fukui Prefecture, Japan

Toshikatsu Yasuno

151155, pl. 36


Comparative morphology of Cyprinid fishes, the Subfamily Xenocypridinae, with a comment to the systematic position of the fossil pharyngeal bones collected from the Miocene Mizunami group

Yoshio Tomoda

157162, pls. 3742


Comparative study on the pharyngeal bones and their teeth in Subfamily Cyprininae

Kodera Haruto

163170, pl. 43


Polyplacophora assemblages from the Pleistocene formations of Boso and Miura Peninsulas, environs of Tokyo, Japan

Junji Itoigawa, Masanao Kuroda, Atsushi Naruse, and Hiroyuki Nishimoto

171204, pls. 4453

Scientific data

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Historical review of records on the Mizunami fossils, Gifu, Japan

Part 1. Pre-Meiji period

Junji Itoigawa and Shunsuke Watanabe

205212, pls. 5455