Bulletin of the Mizunami Fossil Museum

Bulletin of the Mizunami Fossil Museum Vol. 50, No. 3 Research reports of the “Paleoparadoxiid Mizunami-Kamado specimen”

Discovery, excavation and preparation records of the “Paleoparadoxiid Mizunami-Kamado specimen” from the Shukunohora Formation, Mizunami Group in Mizunami City, central Japan

Yusuke Ando, Tatsuya Kaede, Takahisa Goda, Toshiyuki Mizuno

Published: 2024/3/29   Page: 1–12

A well-preserved intact skeleton of paleoparadoxiid was excavated from the river bed of the Toki River in Shimogiri, Kamado-cho, Mizunami City, Gifu, central Japan in June 10th, 2022. We call this specimen “Paleoparadoxiid Mizunami-Kamado specimen” (MFM 18130). It is from the Lower Miocene Shukunohora Formation of Mizunami Group (ca. 16.5 Ma). The skeleton is nearly complete, including the skull, mandible, vertebrae, ribs, hindlimbs, and all sternal bones. The pa-per records and figures the excavation and preparation process (June, 2022 to August, 2023) of “Paleoparadoxiid Mizunami-Kamado specimen”.