Bulletin of the Mizunami Fossil Museum

Bulletin of the Mizunami Fossil Museum No. 3 (continued)

Museum in Europe

1. United Kingdom

Junji Itoigawa

Published: 1976/12/25   Page: 213225, pls. 5659

54 museums in United Kingdom which were visited by the writer in 1974 are synthesized and listed in Table 1 with Fig. 1. The Museums are classified as follows;

1. National museum with speciality as British Museum (NH) and Geological Museum

2. National general museum as National Museum of Wales

3. City general museum in big city as City Museum and Art Gallery of Birmingham

and Bristol City Museum

4. Local general museum as Castle Museum (Norwich) and Royal Instiution of South

Wales Museum (Swansea)

5. Local museum with speciality as Margam Stones Museum (Port Talbot) and

Strangers’Hall Museum in Norwich

6. University Museum as Sedgwick Museum of Cambridge University

7. Other type museum as Doll Museum and Smuggling Museum in Isle of Wight

Characteristics in each type museum are discussed and museum activity as collection, exhibition, education and research is summarized.